Hello hello!

Gateway Co-work center is Worcester’s newest co-working and private office space in the heart of Gateway Park. We welcome everyone to come down for drop-in’s and give us a try for a free day pass, as well as 50% off rates until September 1st! Offering premier location for a fraction of the cost vs. many other local options, get yourself a space to call work, as well as a community like a family. Our manager and founder, Nathaniel Lambert, is a recent WPI graduate who has an entrepreneur background and sought to start a co-working space having worked at cafes before and liking the atmosphere but not so practical to get work done effectively.

“I like the idea of co-working space, having people from all different backgrounds working so close to each other can benefit everyone in ways not possible in a cafe or office spaces. Imagine this, you are an e-commerce entrepreneur and business is booming so you need to build a better website, and it just so happens that someone working here is a website developer, you both benefit! You can easily have them build you a site to suit without emailing around, waiting possible weeks, and the developer gets a new customer to do work for. In just a short conversation with another member you can gain so much. That is what we hope to harness here, and much more. The opportunity is here, so all we need to do is capture it. I believe now more than ever in the past, Worcester Co-Working centers’ can and will flourish.” - Nathaniel Lambert

Places like Gateway Cowork will bring in many more smart-minded people, bringing more business to local businesses like restaurants, banks, housing, grocery stores, barbershops, salons, really anything you can think of. With more people in the area the whole city can benefit tremendously in the long-term. What’s great about Gateway Cowork is that your membership is month to month, day passes are available, and the option to come for only a few hours is available too. So you aren’t stuck in a long contract, so if you decide to move or grow too big for the space you come and go as you see fit. That’s one of our things we want to share with everyone, ‘Together, Let’s Grow’, we truly want that for everyone who wants it. Hosting workshops and MeetUp groups, and mentorship programs are in the works right now that will help businesses get vital knowledge allowing them to get where they want to be.

If any of this sounds inviting to you, please give us a try! Thank you for reading our first blog post, we look forward to hearing from you.