Gateway Co-Working

Innovation, Collaboration, Inclusiveness,

Here at Gateway Coworking Center, we offer the biggest coworking space available in Worcester, at the most affordable prices. Our coworking space invites professionals of all industries to work freely and collectively throughout the facility. Coworking is a diverse crowd full of self employed consultants, lawyers, realtors, freelancers, online business owners, entrepreneurs, students, startups, and more.

Mailing Services

Have your own business and want to establish a business address? At Gateway Cowork Center have your own business address and mailbox. Don't pay the hundreds of dollars to have a mailbox, a mailbox at Gateway Co-Work is just a fraction of the price.

Coworking Space and Conference Rooms

Utilize what Gateway Cowork has to offer, book meetings in our conference rooms and work freely throughout the coworking space.

Additional Services

At Gateway Cowork Center enjoy:

  • Free Wifi
  • Free Coffee and Tea
  • Free kitchen access
  • Printer / Copier
  • Free Phone Booths
  • And More!

Open Desks

Any day of the week set up your work area anywhere you would like in our open desk area.

High-Top Seating

Enjoy some of our high rise work stations the way you want it. Do you like to stand while you work? This is the perfect option for you.

Standing Whiteboard Tables

Work collaboratively on one of our whiteboard tables and get creative with your ideas written down. Take advantage of a great tool that works well in a group setting.

Open Desk (Hourly)

$5/hr OR $25/day

Terms: Daily

Conf. Room: None

Print: None

Open Desk (Weekly)


Terms: Weekly

Conf. Room: None

Print: None

Open Desk (Monthly)


Terms: Month to Month

Conf. Room: 2 Hours

Print: 50/25

Open Desk (Part-Time)


Terms: Month to Month

Conf. Room: 1 Hour

Print: 25/10

Open Desk (24/7)


Terms: Month to Month

Conf. Room: 3 hours

Print: 75/40

Print Allowance:

The print allowance is on-the-house based on your membership, for Open Desk Monthly members you are awarded 50 black and white pages and 25 color pages.

Phone Booths

The phone booths at Gateway Cowork Center allow members to conduct phone calls in a quiet environment. Free with all memberships, unlimited use.

Conference Room

Our conference room hosts up to 14 guests and has access to our 80" TV for presentations and meetings. Memberships are gifted free monthly hours to book time for conferences, after the free time has been used conference hours are $40/hr.